Music is the vehicle for the soul.

The journey begins.

It is hard to say where the journey actually begins. The beauty of this life lies in the new beginnings. It is a gift of the cycles and rhythms of the universe that we revisit stages & places, yet constantly move & evolve.

My journey begins often. I have changed my name, parts of my identity, the things & people I used to depend on. I have changed my entire thinking & come more & more into being. Life itself is a journey. From the self to the Self.

Ceremony is my spiritual name that came to me in Aotearoa. A ceremony builds a bridge between the visible world & the tangible spirit world. I love ceremonies that connect us with each other, with nature, with the Spirit.

I chose Serena as my middle name. It is a tribute to my grandmother whom I haven’t met in person. She went traveling all by herself when she was very young, in an age where this was exceptional. I know she was a healer & a therapist for herself & her children. She had a strong will & made the best out of the circumstances & limitations of her time. I feel I have a lot more opportunities than she had & inherited her spirit of adventure. I can travel & explore. I can build a life on my own. I am working as a dance movement therapist & yoga teacher. I have so many possibilities which I am grateful for. I’d like to honor her spirit by carrying her name. It is a way to reconnect with my inheritance, despite the disconnect of my family.

Woods. The trees need us. They need a voice. We need the trees, although we don’t seem to have realized this yet as a human species. Trees give us shade & oxygen, they protect the soil & are home to the birds & so many animals. Hug a tree. Feel its energy. I am grateful for every tree that hasn’t been felled out of greed or burnt down for the sake of profit. Let’s protect the trees & reconnect with nature. We are all part of it!

I am here, I am present. So are you. This is all that matters. This is the moment that has the power of transformation. Every moment. Let the journey begin … again.

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